Saint Thomas Ex Students Association (STXS)

2012 Re-union

Saint Thomas Schools - Lautoka (The way forward after the 2012 Reunion)



The first-ever Saint Thomas Primary School Reunion was held in Lautoka from 4-7 May 2012 and the overwhelming response was: "When's the next Reunion?".  

The answer is simple, in three years' time - 2015 -  St Thomas Primary School, will be celebrating its 90th year while St Thomas High School will be marking its 40th year.

So, mark your calendars, because there are people in Lautoka said to be interested in organising another HUGE event for 2015.

 We are grateful to Mr David Anthony (US) who has agreed to continue to fund this website until 2017. The organisers of the next celebrations are welcome to use it as a vehicle to assist with getting their message out.

This website has also been changed to reflect general agreement reached at the 2012 Reunion that all activities will now fall under the umbrella of the St Thomas Ex Students Association.

The 2012 Reunion was an overwhelming success with scores of former students and supporters from around Fiji and from abroad travelling to Lautoka to be part of the historical event. Stories were told, memories shared and friendships renewed. The Reunion even had two "old" girls, Philomena Elbourne-Smith and Joyce Giblin don their old uniforms from the 50s to lead a lively and well-attended march through Lautoka's main street!!

In addition to "stopping" Lautoka's traffic during the day, more than 350 old scholars then "rocked" the Sugar City starting early Saturday evening and continuing to the wee hours of Sunday morning. And the celebrations continued at the Northern Club on Sunday evening, courtesy of the large contingent of old scholars from Sydney!!!!

There was partying, there was merry-making and there was fundraising. Old scholars attending the Reunion were able to contribute in positive ways to the St Thomas schools. We, the ex-students of St Thomas should be PROUD of ourselves for raising just over $21,600 which has been handed to Fr Cecil Williams - Parish Priest and Chairman of the St Thomas schools.

In addition, the Sydney contingent presented computer sets to the school staff while the Melbourne contingent presented hundreds of books to boost the school libraries. In another development, the Class of 1998 St Thomas High School ex-students have established a scholarship which will enable two students from St Thomas Primary School to go on to the High School without having to worry about school fees. And amid all the celebrations, old scholars were not unmindful of the devastation caused by floodwaters in the Western Division. The Sydney contingent, on behalf of former Fiji residents in Sydney and the St Thomas Global community, presented much appreciated funds to the Lautoka Rotary Club and to Mr Tuni Beddoes for delivery to an NGO in Nadi.

Mrs Helen Beddoes (nee Johns)  turned 85 on May 5 and donated $85 to the school to mark her birthday. She also donated her late husband's school certificates to the school for safe-keeping and to start an archive for St Thomas schools.

As plans for 2015 begin to firm up we, the organisers of the 2012 Reunion, take this opportunity to thank EVERYONE for your tremendous response and we look forward to your continuing support for the organisers of the 2015 event.

On behalf of Mr Netani Iowane and his Committee in Lautoka, the US (David Anthony and James Singh and gang), Melbourne (Gloria Lewis and gang), Sydney (Isimeli Cagica and gang), Auckland (Moira Yandall, Jacinta Herman and Clera Chongsue and gang), Suva (myself, Kitione Mock, Kirshan Kumar, Jale Cagica, Mika Turaga and gang)  and Nadi  (Paulette Newton and gang) branches, God Bless and let's keep the St Thomas flame burning!!!.

Vinaka, Dhanyabaad and Thank You.

Dennis Rounds ("Square")